Pilgrims Chicken Breast Strips

Fritters with rib meat. Contains up to twenty percent of a solution (Solution ingredients: water, salt, sodium phosphates, modified food starch, soluble garlic (salt, gum Arabic, garlic, extractives)). To maintain tenderness and juiciness. Ready to cook. Raw chicken. Sliced from real chicken breast fillets. Homestyle breading. Oven fryable. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. All about great taste! Contact Us: If you have questions or comments regarding this product, send this package or UPC bar code, Grocer's name, receipt and price label, along with your name, address ad questions or comment to: Pilgrim's Pride Consumer Relations, 1770 Promontory Circle, Greely CO 80634. 1-800-321-1470. www.pilgrims.com. All about great taste - Delicious dinner is served! Enjoy Pilgrim's ready to cook chicken in many ways. Check out the innovative recipe section at Pilgrims.com for chef-inspired recipes and serving suggestions. Expand your menu of tasty meals with Pilgrim's chicken products. Find out more at - Pilgrims.com. The popular and versatile breaded chicken breast strips are made form sliced breast strips coated in a delicious homestyle breading made with a blend of savory spices including onion, garlic and ground pepper. You cook them fresh in your oven or deep fryer for a perfect, crispy texture that goes great with any side dish, or in salads, sandwiches, wraps and other recipes. Product of USA.