Banana Boat Sport Performance Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunblock Lotion 8 Oz Tube

Banana boat® sport performance™ sunblock is especially designed to provide advanced sun protection for active lifestyles. This ultra sweatproof, light feel lotion is formulated with patented avotriplex™ technology for photostable, high UVA/UVB protection that won't break down under the sun, so it works as hard as you play! Retains SPF up to 80 minutes of activity in water or sweating. Other information: sun alert: limiting sun exposure, wearing protective clothing, and using sunscreens may reduce the risks of skin aging, skin cancer and other harmful effects of the sun. May stain some fabrics. Use: helps prevent sunburn New! Avotriplex™ photostable UVA technology Long lasting UVA/UVB protection Ultra sweatproof Non-greasy Fragrance free Waterproof