Utz Potato Chips, No Salt Added, Barbeque Flavored, Family Size

Crisp all natural. Spicy heat with a kiss of sweet. No preservatives. Snacking Smart: 5 mg sodium, 0 g trans fat, no cholesterol. We all love snacking, but it's important to make smart choices when deciding what and how much to eat. That's why we've developed a product line that provides you with Snacking Smart options to fit your healthy lifestyle. This product in particular is better for you because it has 5 mg sodium, no trans fat, and no cholesterol. Be sure to look for other tasty product in our Snaking Smart family. In recent years, sodium has become a health concern for many consumers. Long before that, Bill and Salie Utz believed that if a basic potato chip had a flavor, a little salt would enhance that flavor while a lot of salt would destroy it. Plus, many Americans adhere to a restrictive salt diet. As a result, Utz has been making no salt added potato chips for many years. Consumers are always requesting more no salt added potato chip products. Now we are pleased to be making a seasoned no salt added potato chip - Barbeque Potato Chips. We believe the potato chips in this bag are the best tasting seasoned, unsalted potato chips on the market today. The same care we take in producing our award winning chip can be found in each and every bag. The only sodium content in these potato chips is that which is found naturally in all potatoes. Enjoy! This is not a sodium free food. This a gluten free food.