Kellogg's Cereal Corn Pops

Kellogg's Corn Pops Sweetened Corn Cereal. Good source of fiber. Simply popped from real corn. With a touch of sweetness. BCTGM. Union made. K, Please recycle. 100% Recycled Paperboard. Simply popped from real corn. For a taste that makes kids smile on the outside while they get more of the good stuff they need on the inside! We start with real corn that's grown right here in the USA. The outer shell is removed and the kernel is cracked in half. Each half is simply popped to give it our unique shape. Sweetness. An irresistible touch of sweetness is added. It's boxed and waiting for you. 5 reasons to love Corn Pops cereal! #1 delicious puffy crunch! #2 irresistible sweetness! #3 popped corn goodness! #4 good source of fiber! #5 big smiles! Love your cereal. Visit Kellogg's cereal with 1/2 cup milk plus a 1 cup glass of milk gives kids the fiber, calcium, Vitamin D and potassium their bodies need, and it's also a good source of protein. Milk chocolate, Kellogg's, to go. Rise and shine. Protein 10g. Fiber 5g. Now in a bottle. Now, the nutrition to wake up and keep going is as simple as a Kellogg's To Go breakfast shake. Find it in the cereal aisle. Questions or comments Call 1-800-962-1413 Write P.O. Box Camb Battle Creek, MI 49016. Visit Provide production code on package. , TM, 2013 Kellogg NA Co.