Sara Lee® Pound Cake, Lemon, 10.75 oz. (Frozen)

A delicious combination of sweet and tart, Sara Lee® Lemon Pound Cake is a twist on our classic All Butter Pound Cake. Made with high quality ingredients such as butter, whole eggs, and a splash of lemon juice, our Lemon Pound Cake has a moist and tender texture for a dessert the whole family will love. Ready in just 10 seconds per serving, simply thaw in the microwave and serve on its own or pair with fresh fruit and whipped topping. Includes one 10.75 ounce frozen pound cake. For over 60 years, Sara Lee® has been dedicated to providing high quality, delicious tasting cakes and pies with the convenience of frozen baked goods. Our unique baking process ensures fresh taste and quality, while our premium ingredients ensure the delicious Sara Lee® taste you know and love. Sara Lee® frozen desserts have become a cherished part of family gatherings, special occasions and moments of togetherness with products to fit every season. One 10.75 oz. frozen pound cake Classic butter pound cake with a twist of lemon Made with high quality butter, whole eggs, and a splash of lemon juice Moist and tender texture with a citrus twist Thaws in the microwave in just 10 seconds per serving Perfect dessert for any occasion