Atkins Advantage Morning Breakfast Bars, Chocolate Chip Crisp

Naturally & artificially flavored. High protein. 5g Fiber, 1g Sugar, 180 Calories. 2g Atkins Net Count. We carefully crafted this nutrition bar with high quality ingredients so they taste great and provide you with an optimal mix of essential nutrients. Nutrition bar comparison: Atkins: Sugars, 1g; Protein, 13g; Calories 180. Leading nutrition bar: Sugars, 15g; Protein, 8g; Calories, 220. We care about the food we eat, so we care about the food we make. We are pioneers who will inspire healthy eating through our innovative foods. We have a passion for enhancing peoples' health and enriching their lives by carefully crafting great - tasting products with the right mix of essential nutrients. Product of Canada.